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  • Potholes A musical satire of the city's roads. Recorded July-October 2018
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  • Floyd's Swamp Original instrumental tune recorded at home early 2018. Instruments: drum sequence, extra tom and cymbal hits, as well as synthesizer produced with Mixcraft built-in virtual instruments; Fender bass; Fender Squier Strat guitar; Samick acoustic guitar in open-G tuning for slide riffs; narration (my voice); all recorded with Mixcraft Studio 8
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  • Shake It Off My instrumental rendition of "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. Instruments used: Drum sequencer from n-Track; additional drum rolls and cymbals from Casio keyboard; Fender bass; Fender Squier Strat guitar; Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar. Recorded with Mixcraft Studio 8 software.
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  • Tam Tam Remix Bass and acoustic guitar added to an existing 20 year old original song called "Tam Tam On The Mountain Side". The original song (keyboard, keyboard-based percussion, and vocals) was recorded at home on a Fostex X-26 tape recorder. The Fender bass and Fender acoustic guitar were added on this past June using n-Track Studio 7 software for PC.
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  • Too Hot Unplugged rendition of "Too Hot" by Kool & The Gang, recorded at home January 2017 (vocal and most instruments) and June 2017 (bass); Instruments: Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar, Fender Precision bass guitar, Jay Turser 3/4-size electric guitar, Darbuka drum, n-Track Studio 7 recording software, Spin-It-Again software for conversion to mp3 and noise reduction.
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  • What A Fool Believes 02 Acoustic rendition of "What A Fool Believes" by The Doobie Brothers, recorded at home in 2017. Instruments: Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar; Fender Precision bass; Casio CTK 2200 keyboard; Darbuka drum; Labtec web mike; n-Track Studio 7 software; recording converted to mp3 format using Spin-It-Again app by Acoustica.
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  • Whos Done You Wrong Original composition written and recorded at home in 1997. Instruments: Yamaha home keyboard; Jay Turser 3/4 size electric guitar; recorded on a Fostex X-26 analog 4-track machine.
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  • Here at the Western World "Unplugged" rendition of "Here At The Western World" by Steely Dan. Instruments: Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar; Fender Precision bass; Jay Turser 3/4 size electric guitar; Darbuka drum; Chimes from Google app Congas & Bongas. Recorded on n-Track software.
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  • Ice On The Window Sill v2 Homemade rendition of "Ice On The Windowsill" by Teen Daze. Instruments: Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar; Casio CTK 2200 keyboard; Darbuka drum. Software: n-Track; Spin-it-Again (for conversion to mp3 format). Recorded January and February 2017.
    RichardHar 00:04:09 287 0 Downloads 1 Comments
  • Melon Fields About Town Original instrumental composition recorded January 2017. Instruments: Fender CD-60 acoustic guitar; Casio CTK-2200 keyboard for strings, harp, wood stick and triangle sounds. Recorded with n-Tracks software onto Compaq PC, Reverb and some echo added to the individual tracks. Basic A, E, and D chords with a few variations and some lead improvising using the major pentatonic scale. It's a actually a warm-up exercise I often do and I decided to record it and give it a name.
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