Remlik Wesleyan Church's mission
1. worship, honor, and glorify God
2. Help people become disciples of Jesus
3. Baptize believers
4. Teach people to obey God's unchanging Word
5. Serve our Lord and our community

we are a church that is apart of the Wesleyan Shenandoah district community of believers through the Wesleyan Church which operate under the LBA, DBA, and senior pastor


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  • "Created in God's Image"
    "Created in God's Image" Sunday January 22, 2017 we remember as a day of Sanctity of Life Sunday. Pastor Bills message comes from Genesis 1. The scripture was read and we heard about Jeremiah telling us that all lives matter to God. Life is very important to God it does not matter what your occupation, what you have done in your life. God loves you and made you from the very beginning.
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  • "Back to the Future: The Coming of a King"
    "Back to the Future: The Coming of a King" Sunday January 15, 2016 Pastor Cory started a series that will continue until December once a month taking a journey through the 12 minor prophets each month. The first of the minor prophets was out of the book of Hosea 11. This chapter takes us back to Christmas story, but Hosea prophesy this exact event 700 years before Christ was born. The Sermon in a sentence:"God will restore His kingdom on earth"
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  • Christmas Service 12-25-16
    Christmas Service 12-25-16 Singing Christmas carols, reading the story of Christmas, and taking communion as a family. We as a church family wanted to honor Jesus by coming to church and worshiping Jesus despite the fact that it is the most busiest day of the year.
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  • Joy: the Lord is with You
    Joy: the Lord is with You The third week of advent Pastor Bill brings the message from Luke 1:39-59. The third week Advent we celebrate Joy. There is a lot of rejoicing in this story today. It would be like your birthday, Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Easter all rolled up into one day Which is why we are rejoicing.
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  • Peace: Have No Fear
    Peace: Have No Fear Sunday December 4th, we move into our second week of Advent as celebrate the Peace that Jesus ushered in us. Our Scripture reading for today is found in Luke 1:26-39 where the birth of Jesus is told. There are three key points in the story. 1. Mary acknowledged she was God's slave (v.38a) 2. Mary affirmed that God's plan is best (v. 38b) 3. Mary accepted serving God alone (v.38c) Peace comes when we accept God's ways for our Life
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  • Hope: The Lord is with You
    Hope: The Lord is with You The first Sunday of Advent on November 27, 2016. Pastor Bill Smith reads from Luke 1:1-25 as he talks about Hope: The Lord is with you. 1. To be renewed in hope, we recognize our fears (v,12) 2. To be renewed in hope, we act in faith (v.24) 3. To be renewed in hope, we reject unhealthy shame (v. 7) 4. To be renewed in hope, we embrace grace (v.25)
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  • Giving Thanks
    Giving Thanks Sunday November 20, 2016 Pastor Bill brings the message about Thanksgiving, Here is an outline from Sunday. 1. Thanksgiving should be expressed. 2. Thanksgiving should be expansive a. Including the Blessings of Life. b. Includes the Burden of life. c. Includes the Benefits of life. 3. Thanksgiving is Expected. It is the... a.Mark of a growing Christian b. Mark of a giving Christian c. Mark of a glowing Christian.
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  • A Life Changing Discovery
    A Life Changing Discovery Sunday November 13, 2016 Pastor Bill preaches from Daniel 4 about this life changing discovery, now to find out what that is be sure to listen to the sermon.
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  • Living a God-Pleasing Lifestyle in a world that doesn't care
    Living a God-Pleasing Lifestyle in a world that doesn't care "Even when you Have to Stand up! Pastor Bill delivers a great sermon on standing up for what you believe and not giving up on worshiping and making time for God. The message was recorded on Sunday November 7, 2016. The scripture was based off of Daniel 3 talking about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refusing to to bow down and worship the way the king told everyone one to worship. They challenged the Kings authority to a point they went in the fiery furnace, but guess what there were not three people in the furnace but four and the men came out unharmed. Pastor Bills challenge for you is 1. Read scriptures about worship 2. Not forsake the gatherings of places to meet 3. If you work a Sunday then guess what there are churches that hold worship services on other days of the week. Just stay connected
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  • Living a God-pleasing Lifestyle in  world that doesn't care
    Living a God-pleasing Lifestyle in world that doesn't care Sunday October 30, 2016 Pastor Bill Smith continues his series as he talks about what it is like "Living a God-Pleasing Lifestyle in a world that doesn't care assisted by the Heavenly Father who has amazing knowledge" The scripture comes from Daniel 2:1-48. God cares and stand besides his people and makes a difference in their lives. God works with his people, he knows the outcome. What are you doing Jesus Christ?
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