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  • Julia-Master-sir-Nimal-Mendis ri Lankan Film Director the late Mr Manik Sandrasagra., It was written by Nimal Mendis. In the film there were three versions of the song - the English version sung by Sandra Edema & Nimal Mendis - the main Sinhala version by Neville Fernando and the end titles version by Neela Wickremasinghe. The song has been covered by many Sri Lankan artistes and has been classed as a classic. This is the first time that this Sinhala song is sung by someone other than a Sri Lankan.The singing accent of the Sinhala words are particularly charming.
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  • Italian Mob Hits - Lazy Mary Lou Mo Related music and lyrics appeared as early as 1835, in the art song "La Danza" (Tarantella Napoletana) by Gioachino Rossini and Carlo Pepoli. By 1871 in Italy, bawdier versions were circulating. In 1927, New York City's Italian Book Company arranged and recorded a version by Sicilian sailor Paolo Citorello (sometimes spelled Citarella), and an American court upheld their copyright in 1928
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