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I use Ableton Live 9 to make my songs. I love making music, and nothing will make me stop pumping out songs.

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  • Three Days Left
    Three Days Left This is a song I made for a video game, sweet and simple. Enjoy!
    Radiationa... 00:01:44 358 1 Downloads 0 Comments
  • The Dryft
    The Dryft This one has both DnB and dubstep elements in it, kind of an experimental thing for me. You can expect a better, more complete version in the future. Enjoy!
    Radiationa... 00:04:35 579 2 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Armageddon (V1.0)
    Armageddon (V1.0) I used parts of the speech from the movie Armageddon, but everything else is original. It is about the end of all things in general, not just the movie. Enjoy!
    Radiationa... 00:02:45 659 2 Downloads 0 Comments
  • The Graveyard Gait
    The Graveyard Gait I made this one for Halloween, 'tis about zombies walking through a graveyard, and they eventually start dancing to the beat. Typical zombie stuff, you know.
    Radiationa... 00:02:52 554 2 Downloads 0 Comments
  • The Frost of Death
    The Frost of Death This song is about how death is sudden and happens without anyone noticing, just like frost happens overnight. It is kind of the opposite of one of my other songs, The Spark of Life.
    Radiationa... 00:03:28 433 1 Downloads 0 Comments
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