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  • Little Miss Heartbreak Lyrics: [V1] She's giving herself up for grabs to give you a sense of what you need to pass the tests she's handin' out like they're nothing, nothing at all, Nothing to me, nothing to you, nothing to her, probably too, If you don't watch out, she's gonna do you in when she takes you for a whirl, takes you for a spin [Ch] Little Miss Heartbreak is comin', Better pack up your bags and leave, 'Cept for me who should've been cheatin', I'm gonna stay here and try to help her see [V2] She knows just what you want, At least she thinks so, and that's enough to hunt you as you're walkin' out like you knw it, knew it all along, Knew about her, knew about this, about her sentimental shit, The words she spoke will get into your head if you don't leave it lyin', lyin' there for dead [Ch] [Ch2] Little Miss Heartbreak is comin', Better hightail it out of here, 'Cept for me who's given up schemin', I'm gonna stay here and give her just what she needs
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