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Was Born in Texas (which based on the state of mind of people who live there, it is a Country, NOT a State), near Austin. Military Brat, as the phrase goes, also a Military Veteran (Air Force). College. Love Computers (A bona fide, certified GEEK & proud of it :), Can Build, Upgrade & Maintain em.<br />
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Love of Muzic has been a lifelong mindset. Would often hear tunez in my mind, that would later become song on the radio and/or TV. So much wonderful muzic of all genres, smooth jazz & chillout being my favorites.<br />
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Muzic is Soul based. That is its home and that is why it is so popular. The Soul is so diverse in its truest form. That is why there are so many different kinds of Muzic (Different Genres) for one to enjoy. Creating music is not a complicated process due to the advent of the PC. It allows one to express one’s self from a Universal Language point of view, which in fact what Muzic is, a Universal Language.<br />
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Take time out to Relax and Enjoy your Favorite Muzic as OFTEN as possible. It Honors & Nurtures the TRUE SELF which is the very Essence of what the Soul is. Muzic is the language of the Soul, and it’s based upon Unconditional Love.<br />
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Muzic is a Way Forward to Knowin' & Lovin' Yourself, so U can then more fully appreciate, understand & love others.

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