Oruthi Mele Meendum Maiyal Aanaen..CHASE AND LOVE SONG..!!!!
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“I won’t leave you ..i will love you at any cost”……he sings to her!!!!

“hey look here ..what you are thinking ..will not happen..just leave it”

she tells him.. in the beginning of the song..as a dialogue!!!!!!

But he keeps persuading..rather chasing to accept his love..

he tells(lies)to herself that he loves one women(she only)..so please make a go-between for him

he also tells about that women ..

that women is not that much beautiful as you!!!

that women’s vanity is much ore than you!

that women will tell lot lies that she is not loving him like!!!

so instead of her why not ..you accept my love..like wise Finally he ask her..ha ha !!
That’s theme of the song!!

Playful..yet interesting lyrics written by Madhan Karky Vairamuthu!!!

Another interesting features in this song those chanting, humming and …paraapa paapaapa ..are simply enthralling!

Done by a vocal group called “El Fé Choir” organized by one
Maria Roe Vincent !

“dodododo…..doit dotooo” funny and beautiful humming!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole composition done by eminent music director D. Imman

I always wanted sing in the chorus gang!'

this song fulfills that dream!

so....have some fun friends!!!

Song: Oruthi Mele
Singer(s): Abhay Jodhpurkar, El Fé Choir
Music: D.Imman
Movie: Jeeva (2014)
Oruthi Mele Meendum Maiyal Aanaen
Thozhiyae Nee Thoothu Podi
Oruthi Mele Meendum Kaathal Aanaen
Thozhiyae Nee Thoothu Podi

Hay Aandaandugal Kadanthum Maaramalae
Vaasam Ondrai Kondaaladi
Kann Solvathai Than Vaayil Kooramalae
Ennai Kondru Sendraaladi
Oruthi Mele Meendum Maiyal Aanaen
Thozhiyae Nee Thoothu Podi
Oruthi Mele Meendum Kaathal Aanaen
Thozhiyae Nee Thoothu Podi
Azhago Azhago Unnaiyum Vidavum Kuraivu
Aanalumae Selvaaya
Thimiro Thimro Unaiyum Vidavum Athigam
Vaendamena Solvaaya
Muthangal Nooru Naan Thanthaen
Kalliyaai Thooki Ponaalae
Ennidam Meendum Thaavendru
Kaetathum Mounam Aanalae
Nee Sendru Enn Mutham Alli Kondu Vaa

Oruthi Mele Meendum Maiyal Aanaen
Thøzhiyae Nee Thøøthu Pødi
Oruthi Mele Meendum Kaathal Aanaen
Thøzhiyae Nee Thøøthu Pødi

Avalai Avalai Rasithu Kidanthu Vizhigal
Vaeraraiyum Paarkathae
Hey Avalai Avalai Pazhagi Thølaitha Ithayam
Vaeraraiyum Aerkaathae
Thøzhiyae Nee Pøi Kaetaalum
Kaathalae Illai Šølvaalae
Kaalilae Vizhnthu Kaetaalum
Pøiyilae Nammai Køllvaalae
Neeyaenum Namm Kaathal Ètrukølladi

Inga Paaru Jeeva Nee Èvalø Try Pannalum
Nee Nenaikarthu Nadakathu Vitru..

Oruthi Mele Meendum Kaathal Aanaen
Thøøthu Pøga Yaarum Vaendaam
Vedikkum Ènthan Nenjam Aasai Šølla
Kangal Pøthum Vaarthai Vaendaam
heyAandandugal Kadanthum Maaramalae
Kaadahal Ondrai Køndaenadi
Kann Šølvathai Unvaayil Nee Køørinal
Naanum Kønjam Vaazhvaenadi


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