Ghar se nikalte hi, kuch door chalte hi -IS REALLY DHIL SE N
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Ghar se nikalte hi, kuch door chalte hi -IS REALLY DHIL SE NIKALTE HI

“whom I love and for whom I am dying!
Which is She, herself, does not know or have this information”

“Jisse pyaar karta hoon, main jispe marta hoon
Usko nahi hai khabar”

Splendid line and gives the essence of this entire song!!!

Wild imagination considering this song as women !!!!

Until coming to our forum I haven’t heard this beautiful song (women) before,
Really…speaking some of our forum friends introduced this song (women) to me…it or (she)got into me… rather to say…infected me like strong viral fever …This fever makes man to sing…murmur off and on…some time waking up in the and murmuring..Yes sort of disease of love over a song (woman) ….ha… ha ha….the medication or remedy must have been (that women) sing , one has to sing away and relived..

Simple casual lyrics..Strong as well smooth voice of Udith Narayanjje ,ghazal like tune, all makes this song a strong impact over my liking!
As usual…. I… tried my level best to sing well…what you feel my dear friends

Movie: Papa Kehte Hai (1996)
Song: Ghar Se Nikalte Hi
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Udit Narayan
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Cast: Aamir Khan,
Director: Mahesh Bhatt
Producers: Mahesh Bhatt, Amit Khanna

I have given translation to my Tamil friends!!

ghar se nikalte hi, kuch door chalte hi
Taking leave of my home, a few steps away

raste main hai uska ghar, kal subah dekha to
her house is just on the way, when I looked yesterday morning

baal banati vo, khidki main aayi nazar
I saw her in the window, doing her hair

ghar se nikalte hi ..

masoom chehra, neechi nigahain
Innocent face, downcast eyes

bholi se ladki, bholi aadayan
a simple girl, with simple style

na apsara hai, na vo pari hai
She is neither an angel nor a fairy

lekin yeh uski, jadoogari hai
But this is her magic

deewana kar de vo, ik rang bhar de vo
She makes one crazy, adds colour to life

sharma ke dekhe jidhar.
Where ever she looks

ghar se nikalte hi...
As soon as you leave my home....

karta hoon uske, ghar ke main phere
I make rounds of her house

hansne lage hain, ab dost mere
Even my friends are now laughing at me

sach kah raha hoon, uski ki kasam hai
I am telling the truth, I take oath on her

main phir bhi khush hoon, bus ek gam hai
Even then I am happy, just have one regret

jisse pyaar karta hoon, main jispe marta hoon
The one I love, the one I can die for

usko nahi hai khabar.
Is unaware of it

ghar se nikalte hi...

ladki hai jaise, koi paheli
The girl is like a mystery

kal jo mili mujhko, uski saheli
When I met her friend yesterday

maine kaha usko, jake yeh kahna
I told her to go and tell her

achha nahi hai, yoon door rahna
Its not fair to stay away from me

kal shaam nikle vo, ghar se tahelne ko
tell her to take a stroll tomorrow

milna jo chahe agar.
if she wants to meet me

ghar se nikalte hi ...

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