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ㅤㅤ"This menu was one of the most difficult sundaes ever made. It's not because of the complexity in itself, but because many things went on during the production: the summer heat, the rain (Well, the storm arrived at my place just a few days ago.), the construction noise from my neighbor (one-freaking-month (includes the weekends) worth of it, and I'm not normally a night owl), having to remaster the mix because it sounds bad on the speakers...Wait! The last one is actually the problem I have had since Noisysundae was born. The stereo offset ruined the taste of the whole thing when in mono, and it took me years to realize this orz. From now on, my cups will have a bit smaller soundstage with anything on and in your ears, but 100%+ better with anything farther from you." — The Manager, formerly The Founder

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