Noisysundae-The Loner's Lullaby
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ㅤㅤ"This was made after I started my full-time job as a programmer in May. It has been really tiresome having much less spare time for Noisysundae. On weekdays, I lose 8 hours to works (excluding lunch time here, so it's rather 9 to 6 than to 5), 5 hours to the roads, 6-8 hours to sleep, and there's also time spend having meals, readying yourself before going out. This leaves me only 1-3 hours doing something else. In order to keep Noisysundae active, I rest and sleep less. I have only 4-5 hours of sleep on weekdays lately. Really wanna break out of this loop before I got ill." — The Manager

ㅤㅤThe Loner's Lullaby is our final menu before we shift focus to the renovation due to less amount of free time our Manager has. But do not worry, Noisysundae is going to change gradually during this period. It may take up to the rest of this year to update all of our contents: The Visualizer 3.0, new default theme (replaces the old grid & square thingy), new layout for each branch & About 3.0, along with fixing the existing contents such as menu descriptions, menu/flavor arts & names, new icon and logo, and Thai translations in some parts.

ㅤㅤWe are making a full TODO list in a Newgrounds post which updates every Sunday.:

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