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ㅤㅤ"I hope this will count as my birthday sundae. I was gathering my idea for this bakem— I mean...beast! That's why it's a week late." — The Founder
ㅤㅤThis dark ambient sundae is inspired by two tracks from two games: Screamer from World of Goo and Gembearer from Gemcraft Chapter 2 (Seriously, go play them! Both games are exceptional.). As for the word "Break" we use for the title, it has two meaning. First, as with all the sundaes releases to celebrate the Founder's birthday, they are named after some buttons on the keyboard (That was why he asked if this can be counted as one.). It's the Pause/Break key this time. Second, The sundae itself represents the mental breakdown in progress. When it already has a dramatic tone right at the start, we made it even more disturbing towards the end.

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