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We exist to:

Maintain the integrity and practicality of God’s Word. We will combat complacency and misunderstanding of God’s word through biblical teachings and lifestyle engagement. We endeavor to raise a cultural and spiritual standard in the body of Christ by building and equipping world changing committed Christians, on fire for God, who can repeat this process.


To build and equip world-changing committed Christians, on fire for God, who can repeat this process. This is where the “Rise and Build” derives from.

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  • Distractions & Devices of Destruction The enemy will try to prevent you from giving your full attention to what God has assigned you to, by causing extreme agitation of the mind or emotions. The enemy uses strategies to defeat and deceive you; these are common areas in which he will try to oppress you: Distraction, Oppression, Depression, Condemnation, Guilt, Burden, Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, Pride of Life.
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  • The Good News (Gospel) At the heart of the Gospel is the realization that mankind alone is utterly unable to improve upon his iniquitous condition and therefore awaits the full wrath of God. Thus revealing only a miracle could rescue man from the impending, and deserving judgment of separation in Hell -The miracle, Jesus. Jesus, while not only saving man -forgives him. While not only forgiving man -but also exalts him. This is the Gospel.
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  • Healing Today many believe that through a person’s speech or faith; they can execute healing, miracles and other benefits. Conversely, if there is no manifestation of a healing, miracle or favorable change then the person has either sinned or simply was not faithful enough. Based on scripture this does not hold to be true, as we will learn.
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  • judgenot
    judgenot This is the same approach we are to take, when judging according to God's Holy Word. Knowing when to judge involves discernment and is used to make correct judgments. This refers to exposing those things that are contrary to God's Word. When we read in God's Word not to judge others, it is referring to a hypocritical and judgmental attitude that tears others down for self-advancement or to cover insecurities. This does not apply to judging righteously; that is to say judging what God has already determined to be just according to his Word. Judging in this capacity refers to critical thinking and knowing when to judge a situation supported by the Word of God.
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  • heavenly crowns and rewards
    heavenly crowns and rewards Heavenly Crowns & Rewards are promised to all those who will not seek after earthly rewards but rather seek after the righteousness of Christ and his Kingdom (Mat 5:6; Mat 6:33). God sees your trials and He sees your perseverance...but if you will only endure to the end! If you will run the race to the finish line God will grant you a Victor's Crown (Incorruptible Crown) (1 Cor. 9:25-27). In this teaching we briefly review the rewards, are mentioned in scripture, that we as believers have to look forward to.
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  • Respecting God (Reverence)
    Respecting God (Reverence) Many of us, myself included, have only viewed one side of the cross. The side that grants us mercy, grace, redemption, health and heavenly riches; but, we never consider how all that was made possible. You see, that is the other side of the cross. Isaiah 58 clearly tells us that it was OUR sins, our fault, that Christ had to die. Therefore, we should first see the cross as something done by us...then we can better appreciate it as something done for us. This teaching will challenge you. It will challenge your ideas and practices about respecting and reverencing God. As always, you can contact us with any questions or concerns at info@nehemi.org, or visit us at www.nehemi.org
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  • Speaking In Tongues
    Speaking In Tongues Tongues in the Old Testament- starting at Hezakiah's Chattering One word for tongues (glossa) Known & Unknown Tongues Pentecost Tongues Acts 10 Cornelius' House Acts 19 The Twelve 1 Corinthians 12- 23:00 1 Corinthians 13 1 Corinthians 14 & Italicized Word "unknown" 1 Corinthians 14- 32:18 Romans 8:26, 27 Groans Have Tongues Ceased
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  • Thoughts
    Thoughts Have you ever wondered why when a person says something like, "I think today is going to be a bad day", thus their day becomes filled with calamity. In this teaching we will learn about the dynamics of our thoughts and the Godly approach when handling them.
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  • God and Happiness
    God and Happiness Does God want me to be happy? This question has been asked by many people and understandably so. So, what exactly is God’s relation with happiness and how does it apply to us today? This teaching will focus on happiness and its various aspects. We will also dig deeper, searching through the scriptures and comparing them, for a complete understanding of what it means to be happy.
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  • Truth About Tithing Part 3 of 3
    Truth About Tithing Part 3 of 3 For this third and final part, we will discuss what tithing is post-Mosaic Law and how the believer is to give toward God and the works of the Kingdom.
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