Main Tenu Samjhavaan Ki - a Rahat Fateh Ali song
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Main Tenu Samjhavaan Ki how cold it is here. It always is but some winters are brutal and this one is one of them. Last night it reached -30C (-40C with wind-chill) and it is expected to fall another 10degrees when everything will become brittle...nothing seem to bend at these low temperatures...they break! I too break my silence and upload a song...9 days is too long for me:)

Some challenging song but I like it. Actually I like Jawwad Ahmed's melody very much...derived from Punjabi folk music with good lyrics. I presume he receives help from his parents writing lyrics who have been both Professors of Political Science. I had heard this song some time ago but kept away from it until I got courage to sing after listening Harish Bhai and tried to pick up the technique to reach some high pitch parts to the best I could. A very challenging song from mixing point of view too. I mixed it for Harish Bhai using delay plugin but it didn't come out right so I avoided using it for my mix all together and used the ending sections of my vocals on a separate track for delay instead.

Simple Punjabi lyrics that almost any Hindi listener can understand too. I have tried to be gentle and subtle with vocal tweaks because otherwise I would have landed into creative vocals zone, which I like and admire but only sometimes and in specific songs. Rahat Fateh Ali is one hell of a high pitch genie and master of alaaps. Hope friends enjoy this song from me who happened to have taken a panga with this song...LoL.

Film: Virsa (2010)
Original Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Music: Jawwad Ahmed
Lyrics: Ahmad Anees (his Father Prof. Sheikh Tauqeer Ahmed & Mother Prof. Anees Ahmed)
I had no idea who Ahmad Anees is when I checked credits from Harish Bhai's page, the way Ahmad Anees was written was a bit unusual because it has to be Anees Ahmad, but then Anees Ahmed would mean only one person so perhaps that is why Jawwad used Ahmed Anees to indicate not one but two persons and upon internet search it turned out to be what I wrote above...his parents. Jawwad studied Mechanical Engineering at University of Engineeing & Technology, Lahore.

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