Chaandni Raatein - Noor Jahan for film Dopatta
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A song that I liked since long. This film Dopatta gained popularity in India too and the critics back then in India warned their film makers to take a clue from this film...write good stories, script and songs. Here is a translation that I found on internet. Hope you will all like this song.

Chaandeni raatein, Chaandeni raatein
Moonlit nights, Oh the moonlit nights

Sab jug soye, hum jagein
The whole world sleeps, while I am awake

Taron say karain baatein
Conversing with the stars

Chaandeni raatein, Chaandeni raatein
Moonlit nights, Oh the Moonlit nights

Tukte tukte tooti jaaye aas piya na aaye re, tukte tukte
Gazing, broken is my anticipation for my beloved, he hasn’t returned, Gazing

Shaam savere dard anokhe uthe jiya ghabraye re, shaam sawaray
Evenings and morning, unusual pains, they tremble my heart/soul, Evenings and mornings

Raaton ne meri neend loot li, dil kay chain churaaye
The nights have looted my sleep, stolen the peace of my heart

Dukhya ankhein dhoond rahi hain wohi pyar ki ghatein
Sorrowful eyes are searching for those times of love

Chaandeni raatein, Chaandeni raatein
Moonlit nights, Oh the Moonlit nights

Pichli raat mein hum uth uth kur chupke chupke roye re, pichli raat mein
Just the other night I awoke, quietly quietly weeping, just the other night

Suckh ki neend mein meet hamare desh paraye soye re, Suckh ki neend mein
And in another land, sleeping in peace, my beloved, sleeping in peace

Dil ki dharknein tujhe pukarein, aaja balum aaayi baharein
My heart beat is calling you, come to me, even spring has arrived

Beth kay tanhayi mein kar len dukh sukh ki do baatein
Let us sit in isolation and share some sorrows between us

Chaandeni raatein, Chaandeni raatein
Moonlit nights, oh the Moonlit nights

Original Singer: Noor Jahan
Music Director: Feroze Nizami
Lyricist: Musheer Kazmi
Film: Dopatta (1952)

Licence : All Rights Reserved