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  • Danny's Song Originally by Loggins and Messina
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  • Green Eyes Coldplay n love n shit
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  • I'm A Man Cover of Chicago... no voice at all in this
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  • The Benefit Of My Life (Cuma) Have you seen those pretty signs See the way they overshine Those orange leaves Blowin in the breeze You talk on your phone when you drive You purposely dull a sharp knife Well I bet I'm right You think that man will change your life You tell yourself it's gluten free And you worry about the calories And still you don't lose weight You haven't lost a pound to date But why would you ever try To go ahead and fix your life Something like that might Require some toil and strife You break your back on carpet stains Cause yourself anguish and pain But you never learn You purposely get carpet burn You sell your soul to impress a school You've all those grades and you're still a fool And I guess that's fine You'll let a number on a piece of paper Run your life I've tried to make you free But why it won't work Now I see You don't wanna read Those things you don't believe I won't ever say I'll never change my mind At least I can think for myself when it's right No matter how many bricks or how many shits You can build or stack in line I won't ever give you the benefit of my life You're thirty five and growing old Still don't know which way to go You're working for the man At least you got your precious insurance plan But this just in, Universal Care And now you start to lose your hair Where's the time run to You thought the man you voted for Told the truth Now you sit in your bed with your family crying You're trying so hard to avoid flatlining But before you know, time's run out It's time to go You live your life, refuse to change Now you see I'm not playing Your life flashes before your eyes You wish you'd done more than survive I won't ever cover my eyes I'll go on, prove you wrong every time With all of those stupid games And those stupid names That you call me when I'm right You work five for two of your own And you say your life's sublime I'll try my hardest to never say I'm right I won't build a wall to hide my lies behind No matter how many bricks or how many shits You can build or stack in line I won't ever give you the benefit of my life What a shame to hear me sing God forbid you use your brain Something like that might Require some toil and strife
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  • Castles Made Of Sand Jimi Hendrix
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  • Mr. Songwriter Somewhat of a demo My mind won’t understand Why all these things in life go hand in hand Like why I’ll never be the one you want to see And how you’d talk to me until you fell asleep I got no time to listen to a six foot sellout sing All the things you’re writing down and playing will never mean a thing You’ll never change the world cause they know what they want to see And where does your wisdom come from Can you please try and tell me Mr. Songwriter You light a fire in my heart like no other So I’ll call you my cigarette lighter You use my up, throw me out and buy another No wonder why we’re all so misinformed Ignore those with spirit, listen to the uniform You preach your lies and make them laugh from inside a TV So many letters in your network, feels like I’m dropping LSD Mr. Big news reporter Find a female politician and destroy her Ruin his life to win your fake election Dead diplomats ain’t half as bad as Richard Nixon I will never understand how he who cries About his life can call himself a man And I will never comprehend how one Can’t take his own advice and gives it to a friend But have you ever woken up To find all that you’ve done and said is still not enough So you sit on down and write some more You try to change a life You had bad luck with yours What makes you think you’ll have better luck with mine I only ask for one more chance to prove to you and all I knew that I can make romance to my art, my love, the music that I need So when I die maybe you’ll cry for what I refuse to be I will never understand how he who cries about his life can call himself a manI will also never comprehend Why I can preach my own advice and cannot make a stand Amen
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