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  • LAMBCAST #520 LAMBPARDY It's Lambpardy time again! Has returning champion Troy finally met his match with Lambpardy newcomers James and Patricia? Listen to find out! And even if you don't care for Lambpardy, stick around for some heated rants and raves, and another nail-biting game! Thanks to Richard, Tank, Tony, Rob, Darren and Mark for helping with the questions. 00:00 Introductions 02:40 Lambpardy Round 1 15:33 Get to know the contestants 25:34 Double Lambpardy 45:14 Final Lambpardy 50:07 Rants, Raves & Reviews 70:51 Mystery, Alaska Game 86:26 Plugs 97:07 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #519 BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA MOTM It's here, the long-awaited discussion of Big Trouble in Little China, a film Richard loves, and Jay has... different opinions about. Richard and Jay were joined by Damien, Mark and DJ to discuss storms, six demon bags, magic potions and, of course, to rank the sleeveless shirts of Kurt Russell. Enjoy the show! 00:00 Introductions 03:37 Damien ranks the Bonds 05:52 Big Trouble in Little China discussion 63:28 Big Trouble in Little China final thoughts 68:56 Rants, Raves & Reviews 80:52 This, That or the Other Game 91:05 Plugs 96:19 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #518 BIRDS OF PREY DC films haven't been traditionally well received on the Lambcast, especially the team-based efforts, but the film-makers have changed direction with the all-female Birds of Prey squad, complete with talking to the camera, egg sandwich obsessions and a hyena named Bruce. Were these wise decisions? Listen to find out! Jay and Richard were joined by Audrey, Katy and Robert to talk all things Birds of Prey, as well as the regular rants, raves and reviews of the week, plus a silly game! 00:00 Introductions 02:17 Robert ranks the Bonds 04:42 Birds of Prey discussion, spoiler-free 15:39 Birds of Prey discussion, SPOILERS! 62:52 Rants, Raves & Reviews 73:58 Mystery, Alaska Game 83:52 Plugs 89:59 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #517 OSCAR PREDICTIONS The Oscars are just a few days away, so if you're scratching your head at what the fill in on your Oscar ballots, this is the podcast to listen to! Richard was co-hosted by Rob to discuss many of their awards predictions, and they were joined by Shane, Le Anne and Doug to offer their thoughts as well. 00:00 Introductions 02:38 Le Anne ranks the Bonds 05:43 Best Actor in a Lead Role 14:45 Best Actress in a Lead Role 25:30 Best Actor in a Supporting Role 34:37 Best Actress in a Supporting Role 43:36 Best Animated Feature 53:03 Best International Feature 60:24 Best Cinematography 62:36 Best Costume Design 63:36 Best Original & Adapted Screenplay 64:24 Best Director 73:21 Best Film 98:37 Rants, Raves & Reviews 103:54 Rotten Tomato Catch-Up Game 121:44 Plugs 127:08 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #516 JAMES BOND FRANCHISE PART 5 We're back with Bond! Jay, his dogs and Richard were joined by Simon, Meg, Nick and Jeanette to discuss the next four movies in the James Bond franchise, all of which star Pierce Brosnan amidst a cornucopia of villains and allies, improbable gadgets and ridiculous cars. 00:00 Introductions 03:36 Simon ranks the Bonds 05:29 Meg ranks the Bonds 07:23 Brosnan as Bond 20:45 The Women 39:42 The Allies 55:27 The Villains 75:06 The Gadgets & Cars 87:12 The Songs 97:07 The Plots & Action 113:32 GoldenEye game 114:16 Final thoughts & scores 136:54 Who Am I? Game 145:48 Plugs 155:41 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #515 ANTICIPATED 2020 No matter how much we keep complaining about them, they still keep making movies! Let's take a look ahead at the films we're most looking forward to over the next year. Jay was joined by Tony, Jess, DJ, Rebecca and Doug for what turned out to be a pretty long but also hugely enjoyable show! Also thanks to Richard, Amanda, Audrey, Rishabh, Rob, Mark, Nick, Simon, Aaron, Bubbawheat, Troy, Meg, Katy and Tim for submitting their most anticipated films too. 00:00 Introductions 02:10 Jess ranks the Bonds 06:22 DJ ranks the Bonds 07:58 No. 5s 23:38 No. 4s 34:54 No. 3s 47:28 No. 2s 60:43 Voicemail messages 70:24 No. 1s 95:12 Honourable Mentions 105:52 Oscar nominations discussion 121:30 Missing Link game 134:51 Plugs 144:27 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #514 CHICKEN RUN MOTM Clucking hell, it's the Chicken Run show! For the first Movie of the Month of 2020 we're taking our first pluck at an Aardman film, Chicken Run. Jay and Richard were joined by Bubbawheat, Joe and the film's champion, Tony, to discuss poultry, plasticine, pies, and plenty more besides! 00:00 Introductions 02:10 Bubbawheat ranks the Bonds 03:30 Joe ranks the Bonds 04:39 Chicken Run discussion [Spoilers!] 54:37 Rants, Raves & Reviews 72:28 Tony's Only Connect Game 83:31 Plugs 92:42 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST BONUS BEST TV OF 2019 What's this, another bonus show? That's right, it's the annual TV episode of the Lambcast! We're looking at our top TV shows of 2019! Jay was joined by Audrey, Getter, Nikhat and Rebecca to provide some small screen recommendations, along with submissions from Damien, Rob, Jeanette, Le Anne, Tony, Mark, Meg, Troy and Jon. 2:19 Nikhat ranks the Bonds 4:27 Number 5s 23:49 Number 4s 38:27 Number 3s 53:33 Number 2s 75:21 Messages from other Lambcast regulars 82:53 Number 1s 102:36 Honourable Mentions 116:07 Plugs 121:44 Out-takes
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  • BONUS BOX OFFICE DRAFT 2020 Happy New Year from the LAMB! It's the second annual Lambcast Box Office Draft! Thirteen Lambcast regulars have gathered together across four continents and countless time zones to compete to build the team of highest grossing movies in 2020, and now you get to listen to it! Plus, the results from the 2019 Box Office Draft! This year's participants are Jay, Richard, Dylan, Rob, Jeanette, Tony, Amanda, David, Aaron, Darren, Getter, Doug and Thomas. Who built the best team? Who will win? Who won before? Listen now!
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  • LAMBCAST #513 BEST MOVIES 2019 As much as we'd like to get on with the new year, we just can't until the Best Movies of 2019 Lambcast is released. Fortunately that has no happened and our lives can once more be propelled forwards through the movie-filled cornucopia of the future. But what were the best films of the previous 12 months? Listen to find out! Jay and Richard were joined by Audrey, Amanda and Rishabh to discuss their greatest movies of 2019, and throw out some fun awards as well. Plus, submissions from Rebecca, David, Rachel, Damien, Rob, Jeanette, Le Anne, Tony, Mark, Nick, Meg, Troy, Getter, Todd and Katy. 00:00 Introductions 01:55 Rishabh ranks the Bonds 03:26 Audrey ranks the Bonds 04:46 Number 5s 16:24 Number 4s 33:09 Number 3s 50:59 Number 2s 69:10 Messages from other Lambcast regulars 82:09 Number 1s 100:09 Honourable Mentions 103:26 Special Awards 110:29 Plugs 117:48 Out-takes
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