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  • 180722-Being a witness to Christ - Pastor Mike Lombard How can we be witnesses to the risen Christ? We can give witness of the resurrection of Christ because we have been given the Spirit of God. If Christ had not been raised, the Sprirt of God would not have been poured out on believers.
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  • 180708-Wait upon the Lord - Darron Wilson-Harris We can lose perpective when we are praying to God, and feel that we are not being heard. In Psalm 13 David expresses his journey from feeling abandoned by God and having to wait. he repeatedly asks the question: 'How long ?'. God is faithful. Take encouragement from God's Word, and His faithfulness. At the end of the song, David sings because God has dealt bountifully with him. That is our hope.
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  • 180701-Land redistribution - Pastor Mike Lombard Land redistribution. What is the Christian perspective. What should influence the Christian response. What does the Word of God say. Our ultimate inheritance is in the new creation, as promised by God in His Word.
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  • 180624-Eternal Inheritance - Ernest Stanbury We have an eternal inheritance, but easily get distracted by te here and now. God has an eternal perspective. If we have eternity in mind, we would live our lives differently than we would with a here and now perspective.
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  • 180617-Leading through faith - Pastor Mike Lombard Fathers take primary responsibility to lead our wife and children by living a life of faith, and connecting them to God's Word and ways. We lead by demonstrating faith and faithfulness. Hebrews 12 - discipline or chastening can be translated as training with compulsion. The way we respond to trials, or under pressure demonstrates our faith in God's Word. God is training us in a life of faith. Pain and training go together. To lead by faith is to have an eternal perspective. Training is future orientated.
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  • 180610-With God all things are possible - Pastor Mike Lombar If we believe that Jesus is the promised Christ, with God all things are possible. There is not a cause and effect relationship between our faith to belive that God will do something for us, and it happening - rather there is a correlation between our faith that Jesus is the promised Christ, and God's ability to do whatever he wants to. The focus is on faith in what God has promised.
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  • 180603-Pleasing God - Pastor Mike Lombard What will cause God to be pleased with you? A life of faith. We must abide in the Word
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  • 180513-Wisdom and the Word of Christ - Pastor Mike Lombard Putting on the new man requires for us to put off the old man, and to live with wisdom and worship with wisdom which can only be found in God. We are to practice the instructions given in Colossians 3, and our corporate worship is to have the outworking of instruction and admonition as we learn from God's word
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  • 180506-What the new humanity looks like Pastor Mike Lombard In Collosians 3 Paul tells us what to put off of the old hamanity like taking off clothes, and what to put on of the new humanity, like putting on new clothes. We are instructed to live now in the same manner that we will in the age to come, even though we are still caught up in the present evil age, until the second coming of Jesus the Christ
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  • 180401-Surrender to the Resurrected Lord How do we surrender our lives to the Risen Lord
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