J.U.X. was born on August 26,1986, in Philadelphia, P.A. From there he moved around alot as a child but was still full of energy and knew that he was here for a purpose. When he was 14 he lost his Aunt Dale and wrote a song about her. From there he knew he had talent to make music. He started to do rap battles and started getting a little fan base. During this time he was also deep in the streets "ripping and running" as the old heads would call it until he did some jail time in Long Island, NY when he was 19. When he came home he became dedicated to his music and made a vow to himself to never go back. J.U.X.'s music is simply explaining the things he did, witnessed, and has knowledge of. He is the founder of the "Sizzl Squad"(Pronounced Sizzle Squad). He has that 90s hip hop flow with a 2000 and something sizzl that keeps everyone of every demographic's head bobbing. He is destined to be something major is the rap industry one day and is ready to take the world by storm. Be on the look out for SizzlSquad. Follow him on Twitter @Jux_SizzlSquad. Follow him on Instagram @Jux_SizzlSquad

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