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I fill my head with thoughts that aren't mine-
a steady need
for a daily feed.
An endless stream of social decline-
with plans postponed
for what's on your phone.
My status is an open-ended-
empty muse
bound for abuse.
Methodical, a profile blended-
with the latest memes
and bad poetry.

Would you like this?
Would you leave a comment
so we could both agree on the same pointless point of view.
Because we're all just searching
for a deeper connection
and any little way you can feel you relate to me,
and I to you.

For private matters, leave a message-
I'll stay discreet
no one will see.
To make a friend would be a privilege-
we'll expedite
rock-show invites.

Who you think I am
is not who I really am.
It's just a mocked up version
of the type of person
I wish I could be.

Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

Licence : All Rights Reserved