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  • Right Now Someone right now thinks he's gonna have it made like he'll get girl and leave all the dragons slayed and his friends keep tellin him that he's gettin played but he keeps with her reasons for why she couldn't stay and someone right nows tellin' her not to lead him on and it seems she's already picked up and moved on someone right nows tryin to hold back all the tears she keeps it bottled up tryin hide all of fears she's got a lot friends people showin that they care but as they wipe away the tears she still feels alone and scared and someone right nows sayin that she'll be alright that she'll always have him at the end of the night and someone right nows tryin make it the raps steady on the grind with his poorly written tracks with words full of smoke lungs full of black to him its just a joke but there aint no turnin back and someone right nows hatin how much that he's changed wishin they could go that things could be the same Somebody right nows tryin to think of words to say but no matter says he knows that she wont stay sayin that they'll talk talk that things will be the same sayin their i love yous not much has realy changed im a bit perplexed feelin like he's gettin played cause behind this facade i know he's hidin all the pain and someone right nows regrettin past mistakes bringing down herself with the thoughts the she that she thinks like she's never good enough with choices that she makes just tryin to be herself but still feels a little fake and someone right nows tellin her to never change that he'll always love her and knows she feels the same and someone right nows forgettin friends that she's known memories she's had and trust that she's shown aint feelin like herself she's feelin so alone feelin so ignored just turnin off her phone and someone rights now leavin messages at the tone sayin that they're there she aint gotta be alone
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