Jay C Moola, also known as Moola the Roola (born Jason Jerome Carroll, November 12, 1985), is an alternative hip hop artist and producer. In his earlier years, Moola grew up playing the drums, bass, piano, and guitar which is evident in many of his works. Many describe his style as “jazz hop” due to the fact that he pays tribute to many jazz and smooth jazz musicians through his production style. Tastes of Ronny Jordan’s The Antidote can be heard on Moola’s track Obituary which features The General (Obituary is featured on Jay C Moola’s album “Extinct”).

Lyrically, many consider him a battle rapper, though the artist claims he is more of a conscious rapper. Oftentimes, his verses are laced with unyielding punchlines, crafty metaphors, and stimulating similes that force listeners to think as they listen. Songs such as Metro force listeners to interpret rather than simply listen.

Jay C Moola started out as an in-demand producer that was willing to work with almost any commercial-style rapper. However, after a dispute with a particular artist that wanted to purchase his instrumentals, Moola opted to focus on the underground realm of hip hop, stating that, “Mainstream ‘rap’ is diluted. Why should you clean a pearl in mud? In other words, why should I produce for someone that can’t rap?” Henceforth, Moola has produced mainly for himself and a few select artists in his circle, concentrating more on his lyrical ability rather than just his ability to produce.

Numerous individuals have wondered why some of his songs are shorter than most songs we hear on the radio. “How long,” Moola says, “can one person listen to a song that talks about nothing for five to six minutes? I’d rather write a song that is shorter with a large amount of content than a long ass song that talks about nothing but money, women and cars.” For this reason, some have compared him to MF DOOM. Moola disregards the comparison. “MF DOOM is a great rapper. We both have different styles, and I respect what he does.” Though Moola is a fan of “short stories,” he has many songs that are well over the three-minute mark.

Controversy appears to be Moola’s niche. A vast majority of his songs take drastic stabs at commercial rappers and their lack of lyrical facility. However, Moola is known to rap about problems that arise within America’s society. Broken Land discusses issues like the Boston bombing, welfare, unemployment, the failing school system, and many other topics that can be discussed in relation to the American economy.
Jay C Moola has confirmed his new album “Extinct” which will release in the winter of 2013.

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    Rapper Stones From the upcoming album release "Extinct" which will be released on November 12, 2013. "Rapper Stones" encompasses crafty lyrics with a solid back beat that ensure an up and down head movement.
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