Dil Jalta Hai - Mukesh's first & last song...Cover by Harish
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Movie- Pehli Nazar (1945)
Lyrics: Aah Sitapuri
Music: Anil Biswas
Original Singer: Mukesh
Cover: Harish
Thanks to Muzaffar bhai for playing harmonium on the track, doing editing & mixing.....
This is Mukesh ji’s first song as a playback singer and this became last song of his life, he had performed in his concert in Philadelphia, USA…..the very next morning he had heart attack. How this song came into existence is an interesting tale which was recounted by Film Historian Mr Nalin Shah…..Mukesh was already on the music scene since 1941, with ‘Nirdosh’ as his debut film as a singer. By 1945, he was still struggling, not having made an impression with the producers, music directors, or the public. Despite the fact that his cousin brothers, Motilal and Moti Sagar tried their best to prop up his career, by 1944, Mukesh was toying with the idea to return to Delhi. During this time, ‘Pehli Nazar’ came to the floors. Motilal, the hero in this film, insisted to the producer director Mazhar Khan to have Mukesh sing for him. At first Mazhar Khan refused. When Motilal insisted and threatened not to proceed with the film, Mazhar Khan put the the decision on Anil Da, the music director. Anil Biswas also refused to take in an (as yet) unsuccessful Mukesh as the singing voice in the film. Motilal and Moti Sagar used the same technique that Motilal will abandon the film. And so both Anil Biswas and Mazhar Khan were brow beaten to accept Mukesh as the playback singer. Mukesh was very low on morale and confidence, and was actually afraid to even rehearse with Anil Biswas, who was a very renowned music director at that time. On the day of recording Mukesh suddenly lost his nerve completely. At the recording studios in Malad area, Anil Biswas and the complete orchestra is prepared and waiting for this novice singer, who is late and is nowhere to be found. True to his devotion to Saigal Saab, Mukesh got the idea of putting down one or two drinks, before going to recording, to build his self-confidence. He believed if Saigal Saab could drink and sing, then so could he. So instead of going to Malad, he headed to Juhu Chowpatty, and made way to the Venus bar, and started to drink. But of course he did not stop at two drinks but continued to drink. At the studio, Anil Da was losing his patience. Moti Sagar was around, but was afraid to say what he knew about Mukesh’s whereabouts. After some time, Anil Da lost his cool and took Moti Sagar to task, asking him where was Mukesh. Sheepishly, Moti Sagar told where the young singer was and what was he doing. In a fit of continued anger, Anil Da immediately called a taxi and drove to Venus bar. The bar was on the first floor of the hotel. He stormed up the stairs. When Mukesh saw him coming, he was terrified. He tried to get up from the chair, but was completely out of balance. Anil Da caught him by his collar, and literally dragged him down the stairs to the waiting taxi. Mukesh was drunk and incoherent with his apologies, and Anil Da was fuming. When they reached the studio, Anil Da, still holding Mukesh by his collar, dragged him to the bathroom, opened the tap full and shoved Mukesh’s head under the stream of water – and held him there for many minutes till Mukesh became more coherent. Then he let go of Mukesh, and ordered him to report for recording in five minutes. The fear and the cold water made Mukesh sober up very quickly. And the result of that day’s recording is this iconic song. What a way to create a timeless hit song! I hope you will like this gem in my voice.

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