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  • Im-Yours-Live- 28 March, 2009, The Conga Room, Los Angeles,
    Im-Yours-Live- 28 March, 2009, The Conga Room, Los Angeles, Live Appearances First live appearance: 28 March, 2009, The Conga Room, Los Angeles, CA, USA (only known performance) Performed regularly on tour: none Performed occasionally in shows: 2009, 2014
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  • PRINCE - I'm Yours  1978
    PRINCE - I'm Yours 1978 I'm Yours is the ninth and final track on Prince's first album For You. An early version of the song was recorded in Summer 1976 at Moonsound, Minneapolis, MN, USA (during the same set of sessions as Aces, Baby, Diamond Eyes, Don't Forget, Don't Hold Back, Fantasy, Jelly Jam (which was later used as the instrumental portion of Just As Long As We're Together), Leaving For New York, Love Is Forever (later renamed My Love Is Forever), Make It Through The Storm, Since We've Been Together, Surprise and Soft And Wet). Specific recording dates for the released version are not known, but the album was recorded at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, USA, from 1 October 1977 to 22 December 1977, before overdubs and mixing took place, in early January 1978 at Sound Labs, Los Angeles, CA, USA. First live appearance: 28 March, 2009, The Conga Room, Los Angeles, CA, USA (only known performance) Performed regularly on tour: none Performed occasionally in shows: 2009, 2014/References The Vault: The Definitive Guide to the Musical World of Prince (2004)
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  •  Learning Purple Rain
    Learning Purple Rain The second track on the disc is entitled "Learning Purple Rain". It's a near 12 minute look at Prince teaching The Revolution the future classic. Sadly, a good portion of this recording involves Prince talking to band members off mic, so it is very hard to hear what is being said. The song picks up at the five minute mark as they are working on the instrumental section of the song right after Prince's soon to be legendary guitar solo. Prince cuts this off after a few minutes though to go over more with the band, so there truly is not a lot of music on this recording. The instruction and conversation present on a lot of these rehearsals is often as entertaining as the music, but there is not a lot of juicy stuff here. Whereas other tapes capture Prince bitching out a band member, or revealing a sense of humor too often not shown publicly, about the best bit here is when he takes a little shot at former bassist, and childhood friend, Andre Cymone. He says to the band, "When in doubt, don't play, that's safer than playing! Some reason, that don't bother me. If you're just playing by yourself, it reminds me of Andre." Basically instructing them, don't improvise if you're not sure
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  •  White Girls (Edit) (Including Erotic City - Ice Cream Cas
    White Girls (Edit) (Including Erotic City - Ice Cream Cas This particular rehearsal, known as the "White Girls Jam", has been in circulation for a long time, but never in this complete version, and once again it is a wonderful soundboard recording. Although an exact date of this recording is not known, it is placed some time in early 1984. The recording starts in on a loose funk jam that carries on for just over 27 minutes. Prince shouts "White Girls!" at numerous spots throughout, hence the name it has been given amongst collectors. The jam is loosely based on what would become the song "Ice Cream Castles" that was given to The Time, and Prince sings a few lines from that song during the rehearsal as well. A few phrases from "Erotic City" are also thrown in at times.
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  • Toronto Gardens -  Do Me Baby 1984
    Toronto Gardens - Do Me Baby 1984 Purple Rain Tour- 2 December, 1984
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  •  Prince & Madhouse -Two
    Prince & Madhouse -Two Prince and Madhouse/ The band (Prince w/ Eric Leeds) recorded a dozen songs in the studio that were then given numbers and were released as two albums: 8 released in 1987 and 16 released in 1988, both featuring model Maneca Lightner and a terrier dog on the cover. A third album 24 as left unreleased. As was an album under the title 26, of which some material ended up on Eric Leeds first solo album Times Squared. A re-booted version of the band (Eric Leeds with Michael B. on drums, Sonny T. on bass, Levi Seacer, Jr. on guitar and Prince on various instruments recorded an album in 1994 again using the title 24, which was then not released, slightly revised in 1995 and ultimately left unreleased. One track of that project and the only one with a numerical title like all song on previous 'Madhouse albums got a release on the compilation album 1-800-New Funk Live A live version of the band was made up when 'Madhouse was slated as a support act on the Sign O' The Times Tour. The line up of the band was as it was on paper: Eric Leeds: (Baritone) Sax, Dr. Fink Keyboards, Levi Seacer, Jr. Bass, and instead of the fictional John Lewis Dale Alexander who had auditioned to be in Prince first band in 1978 on drums. The band all in monks habits played a 20 minute set, usually comprising The Family's Mutiny, Two, Three and Six, but occasionally One, Nine and Sixteen were also played. Each song was announced with a scantly clad model holding up a sign with the number of the song to play. While on tour they also played some one-off shows in clubs._Discography Albums 1987 8 (Paisley Park) 1988 16 (Paisley Park) 1989 24 (unreleased) 1990 Album: 26 (unreleased) 1994 24 (unreleased) Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madhouse_%28band%29
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