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  • How to protect your healing or Shifa How to protect your shifa from being stolen by shaytan. Now that you have received your shifa, please be aware that shaytan will try and steal your healing. Do not claim any sickness or disease.
    Dua 00:03:19 1.06 K 3 Downloads 1 Comments
  • 1st Healing and Inner Cleansing Prayer in ENGLISH Please pray this prayer in English, before listening to any healing Commands. Due to many hundreds of requests from non Urdu speakers from all over the world, we have made this prayer in English.
    Dua 00:04:51 891 3 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Appendicitis Acute Appendicitis Pains, Infection or ruptured appendix, Infection and damage to stomach lining, peritonitis, infection yersinia
    Dua 00:01:10 1.53 K 8 Downloads 1 Comments
  • 99 Dua common sickness 99 Dua for common sickness, you can download this to a mp3 player or record in a audio cassette or audio CD and listen. Receive Shifa
    Dua 00:46:24 2 K 8 Downloads 1 Comments
  • Dua for a Son after daughter Dua for the birth of a healthy and faithful noble son after the birth or births of Daughters
    Dua 00:03:37 1.34 K 4 Downloads 1 Comments
  • Haunted House Bhoot Bungla Shaytani ghar ko saaf karna, Kala Jadu kay assraat say shifa. Cleansing of haunted house and healing demon possession of people, release from unclean shaytani spirits tormenting people, causing pain and speaking thru people. Relief from witchcraft and black magic. Healing and Cleansing by Loving Ever Living God, Ya Wadud, Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum.
    Dua 00:01:34 1.53 K 5 Downloads 1 Comments
  • Shaytani Spirits Possession Freedom from demon possession, voices, fear, pains, unexplained sickness etc.
    Dua 00:00:56 990 3 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Coma say Shifa Healing commands for Coma Patient with common ailments
    Dua 00:00:40 1.25 K 3 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Marfan Syndrome Healing of Marfan syndrome (also called Marfan's syndrome) is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue. People with Marfan tend to be unusually tall, with long limbs and long, thin fingers. The syndrome is inherited as a dominant trait, carried by the gene FBN1, which encodes the connective protein fibrillin-1. People have a pair of FBN1 genes. Because it is dominant, people who have inherited one affected FBN1 gene from either parent will have Marfan syndrome.
    Dua 00:01:01 1.08 K 2 Downloads 0 Comments
  • Stomach Problems Healing of all stomach problems, pray dua for relief of stress, fear and worry, and pray dua to break all spoken curses
    Dua 00:02:27 916 2 Downloads 0 Comments
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