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Audible RSS Feeds - Under $10. Under $10 Audio Programs. Under $10 Audio Programs-Geoffrey Lotz lives and works in and around South Africas Kruger National Park and he has recreated these vivid landscapes and filled them with well drawn and beautifully observed characters bursting with life and vitality. The characters are brought to life with fun and vigour by actors Adam Behr and Jane Purcell.pThe Lucky Zebrabr The bush is teeming with zebras,impalas, wildebeest and...lions. Anewly born zebra foal is just getting used to life when he hears the warning Run Zebra Run! cry out from Dube, the herd leader. Can he escape this danger and find his mother What happens that makes this foal lucky The answer in this tale could be in the tail! Listen as this strong reading by Adam Behr brings the heat and action of the bush right to your ears!pHester the Hippo and the Helpful Hornbillsbr Hester the Hipo is someone who could be called and old stick in the mud. She is very selfish and does not share her pond with anyone. One very hot summer there is a long drought, turning Hesters pond into a muddy puddle. A group of wild, rude and lively hornbills show Hester that sharing might save her life, and there might be a good pond nearby that she can walk to. Find out if Hester remains stuck in the mud or if she walks free. Jane Purcell puts you right in the pond with her wild (and lively!) characterisations.pVictor Does the Right Thingbr Victor is a honey badger, and a very grumpy honey badger at that. Tsese is bird called a honey guide who calls out to Victor when she finds a hive and leads him through the bush to it, on the promise that Victor will leave some honey in return. The day is hot and the trip to the hive is long, leaving Victor grumpier than usual and in no mood to leave any honey for Tsese. How can Victor be won over to do the right thingp Adam behr brings grumpy old Victor and Chirpy Tsese to life in this spirited story. Great stories, simply told with fresh voices. - Moving words off the page.

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