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am Still DJ AX*S The Point of Revolution! I have approximately 200 DJ MIX CD's in which ALL possess some ground breaking dance music mixed in fashion that others only wish they could. WHY? MUSIC IS MY LIFE!! I am its servant in many regards And I have a 15 year Very Blessed and Unique Professional background in the Global Music Industry,DJ/Authoritarian and distibuter of Undergound dance music, plus Club/ Special Event/Concert Production, Music Composition/ Sound Production, Performance, and Recording. Graphic Art Design. Major in Music and Audio Engineering. With 7 years of prior education and professional career training in Performance and Theatrical Art, with both Film and Stage Credits.<br />
Apart from my musical background, I also have an extensive Knowledge of Holistic Health and Alternative Healing , as well as a very active knowledge of Politics and current social events! I am a Pisces/Dragon and was born 5th of March 1976<br />
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Self: I AM<br />
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I have been fortunate for the fact that after being able to DJ professionally for over 17 years, as well as Producing and Promoting Well Around 1000 Special Dance Music Events, Concerts, Clubs and Rave Parties for almost 20 years here in Colorado and Southern California, my Love and Devotion to Spreading MUSIC and THE DANCE CULTURE'S energy and Message to the World has enriched me on Every level and blessed me with the FINEST MUSICAL COLLECTION, and Provides me with the following MANTRA: Music is Fundamental to the Spirit, it is my religion and I truly believe that it will soon bring this world together, and bring us all closer to the Universal Oneness in which we are all truly apart of. In my life I have been so blessed with more beautiful and meaningful music than I could had ever hoped to have heard and felt. INTERPLANETARY ENTERTAINMENT has and still is dedicated to being A positive force within this crazy world. MUSIC IS THE VOICE AND TOUCH FROM THE HIGHER SPIRIT. INTERPLANETARY is for all Individuals and Organizations who are interested in joining with us in producing,promoting and developing the many facets of this spiritual dance music revival and celebration in which encompasses the very fundamental purpose to which we are living in this time of Human Experience, thus bringing us to the following ... AS IT IS STATED IN VIRTUALLY EVERY SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS DOCUMENT KNOWN TO HUMANKIND" IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD..." BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE EXISTED THERE WAS SOUND, AND THROUGH SOUND EVERYTHING ELSE CAME INTO BEING. EVERYTHING WAS CREATED BY THE WORD AND ALL THINGS CAN BE HEALED THROUGH THE WORD . SOUND AND VIBRATION AND RHYTHM ARE THE HIGHEST PRINCIPLE IN THE UNIVERSE FOR HEALING AND MANIFESTATION.

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