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  • Conzuka Defender On my birthday last year, I decided to submit something that I put effort into. No I'm not a professional at this. Well anyways, this kinda strays from my normal style.
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  • The Pine Marten I just figured out what a Pine Marten was, so I dedicate this song to the species 'Martes martes'. I know my music is STILL kinda cheezy, but is enjoyable at the same time.
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  • Arctic Preamble Yesterday was pretty much a free day at school. What would I do on a free day? Hmm... Fruity Loops.
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  • Fusion Arc Sniper I had a free day at school. And from 1:30 to 3:30, the school considered that time "game time". Sounds childish, but they let us bring over an Xbox 360 and a Wii. What school lets you do that? But anyway, there was so many people waiting to play. I was too late, so I whipped out my laptop and started playing Halo. But when doing multiplayer, there ain't no music, so I made my own to get me "into the game". Okay maybe this music isn't really part of the "video game" genre, but it worked well for me. Maybe for you too!
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  • Zero Visibility On February 10th, west Texas was at the mercy of fierce winds, which kicked up huge dust storms. Some of the storms were so thick you couldn't see more than 10 feet in front! And because of that, there was a 15 vehicle pileup not far from my school.<br /> <br /> I look outside and am usually greeted by a horizon of mountains, but instead it was covered by a wall of dust. That view inspired me to make this song. I know the song is repetitive, but so is the wind. I also made this song as a loop, but it doesn't really loop well.
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  • Two-sided Desert *Gasp, is that what you call a baseline? I just figured it out.<br /> <br /> Made this song for a guy named "Alloria" on YouTube. Thank you for your help! Go check out his channel:<br /> <br /> http://www.youtube.com/user/alloria
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  • Cold Sky Zero I was bored, don't blame me. Like the occurrences of bad weather, "it just happens".
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  • Winter Coast I dunno about this song, it just "was". Even though this is classified as a loop, it doesn't loop well, because I couldn't get the doohicky to fit properly next to the thingamajig over the something... I mean, yes.
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  • The Arctic Fox Okay I know I should be applying for scholarships in the time the school has allocated, but it proves impossible for the school to divert my attention from Fruity Loops. I just minimize FL whenever the teacher walks by.
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  • Permafrost Science I was sifting through FL for some more samplers, and out of nowhere, I saw more Sytrus. I love Sytrus! 1:13 and on was mostly just an experiment.
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