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With science having advanced quite a bit, ADHD treatments are available aplenty. Unfortunately very few treatments are effective and completely safe. While a lot has been said and written about the prescription drugs that treat ADHD, it cannot be forgotten that these drugs cause a lot of damage. The deadly side effects bring along both short and long term discomforts for the child. Discover some shocking facts about improper ADHD treatment and then decide for yourself the correct path to ADHD treatment.
The prescription drugs used to treat ADHD usually contain the stimulants Ritalin, Adderal and Dexedrine. As we all know, these stimulants cause some terrible side-effects like nausea, stomach cramps, loss of appetite, shortness of breath and unbearable headaches. A child already struggling with ADHD, must not be subjected to these harsh side-effects. Rather a gentle mode of treatment must be adapted where the child can recover while not being pulled into other batteries of diseases.

The most dangerous effects of improper ADHD treatment include:
1. Blurred vision
2. Eating disorders
3. Stomach pains
4. Sever headaches
5. Long and short term depression
6. Breathlessness
7. Inconsistent blood pressure
8. Anxiety
9. Constant nausea

It is not difficult to asses from the above listed ailments that improper ADHD treatment can leave a huge scar on your child's overall health. While it is normal for every parent to worry about their child's mental health, it is equally important to ensure that a balance is struck between the mental and physical health. At no cost can one be held responsible for the decline of the other.
Fortunately for parents and others seeking a wholesome ADHD treatment, there are several natural remedies available today that attack the disease and not the patient! Homeopathy and the use of Chinese herbs are two of the most popular modern ADHD treatments. While on one hand they are completely natural and safe, on the other hand they act to remove the disorder from its roots, unlike the drugs that only eliminate the symptoms.

ADHD is also related to the lifestyle activities and research has proved that improper diets play a very strong role in inducing ADHD in children. For instance, the excessive intake of sugar makes the child hyperactive, which is the most prominent ADHD symptom, and in turn proves to be very harmful for a child already affected by the syndrome. So if the diet is monitored and the child is made to exercise, the dependence and subsequent consumption of the prescription drugs can be lessened.

So all efforts must be taken to ensure that a child is not exposed to a harmful and improper ADHD treatment routine. The effects can be devastating and as caring adults, it is our duty to ensure that every child is given the right to live a healthy and pain-free life.

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