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ADHD in Teenagers - The Constant Struggle

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Being a teenager is not easy and when a teenager is affected with ADHD, life becomes all the more difficult! ADHD in teenagers is quite common as only 1/3rd of the affected children get cured of the disorder before stepping into their teen years. However, with a lot of research being done on ADHD in teenagers, there seems to be plenty of hope for the teens to combat the struggle. Watch this video to know how you can cope with ADHD in teenagers.

In the classroom

Teenagers who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder often find it difficult to cope with school work. They are unable to understand the lectures, forget what is taught in class, wait till the very last moment to complete their homework and usually submit very low quality assignments. Also, owing to their hyperactivity and impulsiveness (the two most common conditions brought about by ADHD), they find it difficult to adjust socially. As a result, they either end up being a class clown or completely detach themselves from others.


It has been seen that teenagers who suffer from ADHD are more likely than others to get speeding tickets, contract sexually transmitted diseases and get pregnant. ADHD in teenagers also causes them to become shoplifters, substance abusers and smokers. Eating disorders and health problems due to these disorders are also commonly seen in teens who suffer from ADHD.

Dealing with ADHD in teenagers

As a result, it becomes very important to diagnose and treat ADHD in teenagers. While medicines work well to eliminate the symptoms, what works best for teenagers is counseling. Parents, teachers and therapists often work together and chart out the best available options for the teen's counseling. Teens are known to be rebellious and even under normal circumstances it is difficult to control their defiant ways. So with ADHD, the situation just worsens. However, the adults need to be patient, gentle and supportive at such times.

Tips for teenagers with ADHD

A teen who has been diagnosed with ADHD may feel the need to hide the condition in fear of social stigma. However, this must not be done under any circumstances and it has been seen that the teens who are open about their ADHD do much better than the ones who are not. Extra help is often offered to teens with ADHD to help them complete their school work and other curricular activities. For those who are embarrassed to confide in person, some excellent online support groups are available. Joining these groups make a huge difference too.


Once diagnosed, ADHD in teenagers can be treated with a combination of remedies. If your teen has the disorder, reach out to them and offer as much support as possible. Discuss the problem with their teachers and peers and ensure that they are not teased, bullied or forced to into activities that they would otherwise refrain from.

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